The Bruno Fox Group Dating Should I Ask Her For A Date? 4 Signs To Know If She’s Ready To Say Yes

Should I Ask Her For A Date? 4 Signs To Know If She’s Ready To Say Yes

So you’ve joined an online dating website/dating app, browse profiles of potential ladies who seem fit to your interest, then you message a girl and the conversation seemed to flow well. Now what? Are you going to ask her for a date?


Asking a girl out is one of the greatest challenges of a man whether to do it in a traditional way or via online. Though it looks easy as it seems, most men are actually having a hard time of approaching a girl for a date while others who’ve done it many times are confessing about their horrific experiences from making several attempts. It’s intimidating every time you anticipate the negative outcome it can cause you such as rejection, failure and headaches.


But don’t lose hope. The right girl is just out there waiting for you to ask her out. My tip, do it at the right time in a way that will be comfortable to you. If you are smart and lucky enough, you will see these signs telling you that she’s ready for a yes, so make sure to take a closer look.


Sign 1: You got her number.

If she gave you her mobile number, take this as a positive sign that she is willing to be your date. Get ready as she shows you some hints regarding her schedules and free time. Just make sure if you call, ask her when would be the best time.


Sign 2: She responds to your messages quickly.

When you send her a message and she responds to it so quick even if she’s busy at work or doing something, then you’re on the right track. She will likely be engaged in your conversation and keep asking you questions to keep the discussion going. Her willingness and effort to have a constant communication with you only means she will be very likely to agree for a real date or personal meet up.


Sign 3: She is curious and eager to know you more.

A girl who is up for a date will basically show her curiosity about your background, hobbies, what you do for a living, where you live as well as your favorites to get to know you better. Just don’t turn her off from bragging or talking too much. If you see her eagerness to know more about you, then that’s the best time to ask her out for a date.


Sign 4: If she’s jealous, then she’s into you.

Does this girl felt insecure when you are flirting or having a conversation with another girl online? Then it’s a strong indication that she is attracted to you and wishing that you will soon ask her out for an official date.


For instance, every girl is unique and they sometimes hesitant to give you some cues regarding the real dating thing. For instance, if you’re not sure about her feelings, all you need to do is wait for the right timing, respect her decision, be polite on your approach, build a good impression and try to make her feel comfortable with you.

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